lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015

Microservices roundtable

Hey JUGgers!
Ready for a different kind of event? We hope so, because we will begin to propose new formats of our events as we agreed in our last meeting, focused on what do you want for this year. 
Because of that, we are happy to announce our fist roundtable, where we will talk and share our experiences about building and working with Microservices. As you may know, it is a trendy software architecture design pattern on building complex applications with high concurrency, that provide some benefits to solve problems decoupling services in small pieces that makes small jobs. 
What do you think? It is only a kind of a fashion topic or it is the definite way of building applications that scale and evolve better than monolithic applications? Do you have experience managing an ecosystem of Microservices? What about the deployment process? It is worst than with a monolithic system, isn’t? And how do you test all your architecture? 
Are you working with this kind of architecture? No? Doesn’t matter if you are interested in share your personal experience in this discussion. Come and join us in order to share your experience with this and other architectures and talk with other JUGgers and listen what other developers think about Microservices and their benefits and problems.
This event will be planned, as soon as there will be a minimum number of interested people, so do not forget to reserve your seat ;-)

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