lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2015

Mocks, Stubs, Fakes. What Else?

Hi devs !!!!
Here we are again, with a new event and in this case it's about Testing :)  
-- This event will be done in January 2016 but we dont still have the concrete date.--

Through the use of build pipelines, Continuous Delivery will enable faster and more frequent build, test and deployment cycles of software.
To ensure that what you are delivering has the required quality: how do we build a continuous delivery pipeline in the real world and how do we correctly implement tests?

Our friend Alex Soto, from CloudBees, will be speaking about testing and the different techniques we can use ( mocking, stubbing, faking... ).
In this session we are going to focus only in the first stage of a CD pipeline, the commit stage. This first stage is really important since it must be executed fast and should provide quick feedback regarding any failure. Doing this well means faster application releases with higher quality.

Come to this session to learn how unit tests can help you on this stage, how and when to use mocks, stubs or fakes and a brief touch in mock 2.0. Also we are going to identify some problems that these techniques have and how we can fix it. 
Finally we are going to see how Jenkins acts as the director of the whole process.
In this event we'll be using the facilities of Netcentric where we can have beers and a good networking time after the presentation ( office interior in Google maps ).

Enjoy this event and not forget to register in our meetup :)

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RSVP to this event !!!

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

Videos and slides published for JBCNConf 2015 talks

Hi devs !!!

Finally, after hard work of the organisers team, we have published the videos and slides of the JBCNConf 2015.

One of the tracks was not recorded, due to technical issues, but you can find in the Talks, Schedule and Speakers pages all the links to the slides and the videos.

Finally, if you already attended to JBCNConf, we would like to know your opinion, just to know what we did wrong and how we can improve for the next edition. Please, give us your feedback filling this form it will take you only 3 minutes and you will help us a lot.

Hope you enjoy the videos :-)