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OSGi Month ( 09 / 2014 )

Hi devs !!!!!!!!!
Talk in English

We're back again !!! you doubted it ? ;)

We are so proud to announce this September would be the OSGi month in BarcelonaJUG, hosting 2 presentations with 2 great speakers.

OSGi ( how to start )

Developers have been using OSGi from years ago ( e.g. Eclipse from 2005, version 3.0  using EquinoxNetbeans from 2010, version 6.9 ) and some of them know a little of this technology. Some misunderstandings have been in the road but now it's time to clarify some aspects of this technology. 

"The OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) specification describes modular system and a service platform for the Java programming language that implements a complete and dynamic component model, something that does not exist in standalone Java/VM environments." 
( wikipedia )

We will talk about the basic concepts of this technology, clearifying misunderstandings, tools and frameworks to an easy adoption, containers, and products to distributed architectures.

The two presentations will be a two day sessions, with a theorical presentation Friday afternoon and a workshop Saturdary morning.

These are our speakers :

Jean­Baptiste Onofré is an ASF member and committer of Apache Karaf, Apache ServiceMix, Apache ACE, Apache Camel, Apache Archiva, Apache Kalumet, Apache Falcon, Apache Syncope and mentor on Apache Sirona.
Jean­Baptiste brings over ten years of development experience to Talend, where he works as a SOA/Software Architect. Also is the author of book "Learning Apache Cellar" .
He will be presenting, 12th and 13th of September, OSGi basics and showing Apache Karaf as an OSGi container.

Peter Kriens currently works for the OSGi Alliance and jpm4j. In 2005 he was awarded the OSGi Fellows title. After taking a sabbatical in 2012 to develop jpm4j he returned to the OSGi Alliance to help increasing adoption. 

He will be presenting, 26th and 27th of September, the core of OSGi and enRoute , a framework to make as easy as possible for developers to get started with OSGi without compromising its core values.


Hope you will enjoy this presentations. 

We will be announcing soon each session with a detailed abstract... don't miss this opportunity and reserve your seat whenever we publish the Meetup event.

Prepare your agenda and see you soon :)

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