lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014

What is OSGi and why and how I should consider it for my projects

Hi devs !!!!    here we are again :)

We hope you enjoyed your vacations and that your expectations were fulfilled . ;)

To start the new season we have a great presentation with a workshop.

Next 12th of September in Mobile World Center we will be hosting a day event about OSGi, and the next day, the 13th of September we will host a workshop in La Fontana.

In this presentation we will answer to the question "What is OSGi and why and how I should consider it for my projects?" , getting information on OSGi specifications and working with one container : Apache Karaf.

Apache Karaf is now one of the most popular OSGi containers. It provide a very lightweight, powerful and enterprise ready container, allowing you to easily and quickly deploy your applications, especially the OSGi ones.

During the first session, you will have a complete overview of Karaf, and its features. You will see the shell console in action, the provisioning mechanism using Karaf Features, the security layer providing RBAC support, etc.

During the second session, the workshop, we will create a complete enterprise level OSGi application by leveraging the different layers provided by Karaf.

The presentation will be given by Jean-Baptiste Onofré. He is an ASF member and committer of Apache Karaf, Apache ServiceMix, Apache ACE, Apache Camel, Apache Archiva, Apache Kalumet, Apache Falcon, Apache Syncope and mentor on Apache Sirona.

Jean-Baptiste brings over ten years of development experience to Talend, where he works as a SOA/Software Architect. Also is the author of book "Learning Apache Cellar" .

To properly participate in the workshop would be great if you have downloaded , and installed, these libraries and software :

Don't miss this event !!!!!!!!!!!! See you there :)

Register to the Presentation - at Mobile World Centre  

Register to the Workshop ( limited seats ) - at La Fontana

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