martes, 28 de abril de 2015

JBCNConf - Tickets available!

Hi JUGgers!

As some of you (we hope all) may know, we are working on the JBCNConf: the 1st Java & JVM langs Barcelona Conference. 

We are super excited with this adventure and we expect to meet at least 300 attendees and around 30 speakers related with Java and JVM languages in Barcelona on 26th and 27th June 2015.

JBCNConf / June, 26-27 - 2015 / Barcelona

We are right now working on the schedule and selecting the first papers and as you can see, we have many interesting speakers and talks confirmed!

Finally, we can not forget to say that you can buy your tickets for the conference! Yes! We have opened the process for buying tickets -weeks ago- and now you can get your entrance for just only 79€ (and until the end of the month or they run out)!

What do you think? Great, isn't? ;-) Ah! Do not miss the opportunity, tickets are limited!

Of course, we will be happy to receive your help (in any manner that it can be). So, if you think you would like to help us somehow, contact with us. We are sure you could help us making this conference even better ;-)

We hope to see you this summer in JBCNConf !

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