viernes, 9 de enero de 2015

IDE independent development with JBoss Forge (15/1)

Ey JUGgers!

Yes, you guessed it,... we have planned our next event this month! This time will be next Thursday 15th at 7pm centered on JBoss Forge by Ivan St. Ivanov! And yes, this time you can attend where you prefer, because it will be streamed online via our Youtube channel!

Java EE has long been accused for being very hard to quickly develop web applications and most of the accusations come from the old J2EE days. It was the times when you had to create heavy deployment descriptors even for the simplest app. So every vendor provided plethora of deployment and development tools. With Java EE 5 and 6 the things got simplified a lot with the removal of accompanying descriptor XMLs and imposing the convention over configuration development model. But still there are some things that make developer's life hard: finding the right dependencies, setting up ORM layer, writing all the plumbing CRUD code, etc.

In this session we'll introduce JBoss Forge - a tool that further simplifies developer experience. Even though it's not bound to Java EE, we'll show how you can easily wire JPA, bean validation, JAX-RS, EJB. Another cool feature of the tool is its IDE agnostics: all its features can be used transparently from Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and (coming soon) from NetBeans, as well as from the command line. Come and see how Java [EE] can feel like all the *rails frameworks that are threatening to kill it!

Ivan St. Ivanov is development architect at SAP Labs Bulgaria. He is now working in the HANA Cloud Platform team, focusing on performance topics. In his free time he likes contributing to open source software, mostly to JBoss Forge. He is active JUG member, co-driving the adoption of OpenJDK in Bulgaria. Ivan is doing his PhD in the area of cloud multi-tenancy in the University of National and World Economy in Sofia and also he is teaching Java, Java EE and SOA in three Universities in Sofia.

Nothing more from our side, mark this event in your agendas and see you next Thursday 15th online! Ah! Do not forget to join us on our IRC channel (#BarcelonaJUG) at Freenode we will be waiting for all of you to share opinions and ask your questions.

See ya!

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