domingo, 10 de febrero de 2019

Fast prototyping of Enterprise Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Java (15 & 16/2)

Hi devs!

Did you know that you can use Java to build cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android? And that you can create enterprise applications in a breeze with tools like Gluon Mobile and Gluon CloudLink? Learn about fast prototyping and development of Java applications on mobile, using your Java skills, IDEs and Gluon open source and commercial tools.

Thanks to José Pereda in this session we will revisit the state of the latest developments (JDK, Gluon VM, JavaFX) and see how we can build applications with one cross-platform Java API and deploy to mobile platforms, with compelling UI, native services integration, and seamlessly connection with the cloud and enterprise back-end, taking profit from improved security and common mobile features such as push notifications, authentication, data synchronization or persistency, among others.

José Pereda, PhD in Structural Engineering, works as a software engineer at Gluon Software and he is a Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and JavaOne RockStar. Being on Java since 1999, he is a JavaFX advocate, developing Java applications for mobile and embedded platforms connected to the cloud and enterprise systems, while he also works on open source projects (OpenJFX, FXyz3D), co-authoring JavaFX books (JavaFX 8 Introduction by Example, JavaFX 9 by Example), blogging, tweeting (@JPeredaDnr) or speaking at JUGs and conferences (JavaOne, Devoxx, JAX, Jfokus, JavaLand, JCrete, JBCNConf,…). José lives with his family in Valladolid, Spain.

Oh! We almost forgot, if you are interested, note that the next day (Saturday) we will run a hands-on workshop to hack & play with these technologies for a while! Here it is:

Thank you one more time to Everis and their Living lab! They will provide the venue for hosting the event and some food and drinks to have some networking after the session.

Remember to book your seat & happy coding!

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