viernes, 19 de enero de 2018

Gambling with Leopards - Ben Evans (24/1)

Hi JUGgers !!!

Ready for our next event... next Wednesday 24th? (yes, we know without too much time in advance) but... we would like to the advantage of Ben Evan's being in our city and we've convinced him to give us a talk ;-)

This is a fairly light talk, where Ben talks about the experience of writing a full-size reference application - BetLeopard - which is an open-source implementation of an engine for betting on horse racing.

In the talk Ben will show several different ways of approaching a calculation problem - first by using Java 8 lambdas, then by using Hazelcast in-memory data grid and then with Apache Spark for processing and then again with the new Hazelcast Jet technology.

It covers processing techniques, some domain design, serialization as well as showing how to get started with Spark and Jet. It should be useful for anyone who wants to learn about different approaches in modern distributed processing.

This time we have to thank Ocado for offering us his facilities for the event and inviting us to something to eat and drink and do some networking ;-)

Have a good weekend and see you next Wednesday!


This year to prevent the no-show effect for those people that register and never come and to avoid problems to our sponsors ( buying food for not present people ) and to us ( searching for bigger rooms ), we'll charge 2 EUR to everyone registering and we will give back that amount for those that really attend the event.

Don't forget to register

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