martes, 16 de mayo de 2017

Hands on performance workshop (25/5)

Hi JUGgers!

Our Java & JVM Barcelona conference is almost there, but we are not going to stop just because of it, right? ;-)

One year ago we had a talk about Performance on the JVM, do you remember? Well, we thought that it was good to move on with the basics and play a little bit with software in order to settle all the concepts. That's the main reason behind this workshop, hope you will enjoy it ;-)

This introductory workshop will be driven by Galo NavarroGuillermo Ontañón and Duarte Nunes and it is designed for developers who can write Java, Scala or any other JVM language, but have zero practical experience on performance analysis. After this workshop you'll take away hands on experience using diagnostic tools, profilers and writing micro benchmarks based on practical examples, all of which you can start applying on real projects.

The workshop will be very hands on so it's strongly advised that attendants are able to bring and use a laptop (preferably Linux or OSX.) ready to build Java projects.

About our speakers, Galo is a software engineer focused on scalability and distributed systems, mostly on the JVM. Currently working in Engineering Productivity at Schibsted, pior to that he implemented virtual networks at Midokura and social networks at Tuenti and Last.fm.

Guillermo is a software engineer specialized in systems / network / concurrent / distributed development on Linux. Java, Scala,C, C++, Python currenly working as a Staff Software Engineer in Schibsted Media Group.

Duarte Nunes is a Software Engineer working on ScyllaDB, where he develops a high performance, distributed database. He has a background in concurrent programming, distributed systems and low-latency software.

Finally, we have to thank once again to New Relic, because they have offered to host the event, and also they are going to invite us to some beers and pizzas! Thank you!

Nothing more, remember to RSVPed your seat and see you next 25th!

PS1: There are not too much free spots because this is a workshop and because of that it is not possible to have a large audience following it. Please, think twice if you are not able to come and free your spot.

PS2: Do not worry, we will announce soon the details about the pre-requisites you need in order to run the workshop smooth ;-)

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