jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016

Technical debt management strategies

  • Hi devs !!!!!
    We're back again, after the summer and after the conference, and with renewed energies to continue boosting the Java community.
    Our next event will be about Technical Debt and the way to reduce it by our habitual speaker Raquel Pau.
    The technical debt metaphor is gaining significant traction in the agile development community as a way to understand and communicate those issues related with the agreement of accepting bad programming practices in order to achieve fast results (e.g a deadline). However, the idea of getting fast results becomes an illusion, since the cost of building software increases over the time.  
    In order to achieve a good technical debt management, agile methodologies suggest to measure it and add an specific entry in the sprint backlog to fix it incrementally. In this session, we will explore the different categories of technical debt and we will discuss about the different strategies to reduce it. 
    It would be great for us if you can answer this survey about your current status related to the technical debt. 

    Register to the event and after having a number of people we will search for a place and a date during October. 

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