martes, 27 de octubre de 2015

Distributed matters Barcelona (20-21/11)

Hi JUGgers!

As many of you may know, every year we were supporting noSQL matters as a Community partners. This year won't be different, and because of that we are happy to announce that we are again one of the Community partners of the noSQL conference (now renamed to Distributed matters)!

In their 4th annual event of NoSQL matters @Barcelona, they are introducing a new twist to our beloved NoSQL & Big Data crowd. They are now adding several new topics to the theme and rebranding to distributed matters. The conference covers topics like: Distributed systems, Microservices, DCOS, Cloud Management, Database solutions, DevOp operations and, of course, NoSQL and Big Data.

Distributed matters @Barcelona will take place on 20th – 21st November 2015. You can check the agenda:

Famous names like: Scott Feinberg (The New York Times), Bart Samwel (Google, Inc.), Susan Potter (Lookout), Tugdual Grall (MapR) and many more will be presenting during the conference day.

The tickets sale is on and the amount is limited! And because we are a Community partner, we have a special code to get 20% off to the members of our MeetUp.

Hope to see you there and remember, distributed matters! ;-)

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