domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

Intro to Couchbase + workshop (21 & 22/11)

Hi JUGgers!

Ready to attend to some nice events? We hope so, because are some of you may know, we are organizing a few those days. So, here we are!

This week we will have the pleasure to receive the visit of the Couchbase team. 

And because of that we have organized a talk this friday 21th, at 7pm at in the auditorium (Building B6) at the Faculty of Computer Science of Barcelona (FIB) and the next, as usual, we will host a workshop in La Fontana on saturday, starting at 10'15am.

The talk on friday will be a general introduction to Couchbase. You know you need a NoSQL database. You might not know why right now, but deep down you know you need one. While hype might be a common factor for choosing NoSQL, there are also some very good reasons too :) So we'll try to wrap our head around this. In this talk we'll see where Couchbase comes from and how it fits in the NoSQL ecosystem. Then we'll go through its architecture and newest features like Couchbase Mobile and N1QL.

Next day, the saturday we will host a workshop, when we will be playing on Couchbase Server with the Java SDK 2.0Couchbase recently released the 2.0 version of its Java SDK. It provides functionality to store and retrieve your documents to and from a Couchbase Server cluster through synchronous and asynchronous (reactive) interfaces - and it even has support for Java 8.

In this workshop we will build a simple Java app making use of this cool reactive API. Ah! Remember to bring your laptop for the workshop (of course, with a Java dev environment + Couchbase Server 3.0).

In fact Laurent Doguin will be driven both sessions. Laurent is a Paris based Developer Advocate where he focuses on helping Java developers and the French community. He writes code in Java and blog post in Markdown. Prior to joining Couchbase he was Nuxeo's community liaison where he devoted his time and expertise to helping the entire Nuxeo Community become more active and efficient.

That's all folks! Remember to RSVPed for both days (talk and workshop).

Enjoy playing with noSQL!

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