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OSGi made easy with enRoute

Hi devs !!!!   

We hope you enjoyed our past OSGi event, and now we come back :)

Next 26th of September in Mobile World Center we will be hosting an event, at 19.00  for 2 hours, about OSGi and enRoute, and the next day, the 27th of September ,at 10.15 for 4 hours, we will host a workshop in La Fontana.

In this presentation we will remember the basic questions about OSGi and will be presented enRoutea framework to help and ease the process of OSGi adoption. In the workshop we will play with this framework to create an application.

"In the enRoute project we are creating a tool chain that supports real modualr software engineering while making it much easier to get started. Though some development is unfortunately necessary (at least initially), the majority of what we do in this project is selecting parties that want to collaborate in this chain and making sure that users have one place where they can start working with the tool chain. This means working with partners so that the parts of the chain work together, providing documentation that describes the voids between the different tools, making tutorials that show how the chain works, initiating OSGi specifications for missing aspects, and sometimes creating open source code for crucial pieces that nobody yet has made. And last, but absolutely not least, we want to collect and describe best practices."

Prerequisites for the workshop

  • Java 8, probably already got it? If not, this is a good time to get started!
  • git, unlikely that you do not have it installed yet?
  • Eclipse Luna, if you do not know which variant, pick the Eclipse Standard variant, make sure it has Git support.
  • Bndtools, while we’re under construction you have to install it from cloudbees update site, this is the latest build and not release so do not use it for production.

Peter Kriens is an independent consultant since 1990. 
He currently works for the OSGi Alliance and jpm4j. 

During the eighties he developed advanced distributed systems for newspapers based on microcomputers based on, at the time very novel, object oriented technologies. For this experience in Objects he was hired by a number of international companies, including Adobe, Intel, Ericsson, IBM, and many others. 

During his work at Ericsson Research in 1998 he got involved with the OSGi specification; Later he became the primary editor for these specifications. In 2005 he was awarded the OSGi Fellows title. After taking a sabbatical in 2012 to develop jpm4j he returned to the OSGi Alliance to help increasing adoption. 


Dont miss this great event !!! 

Register for Friday presentation at Mobile World Centre

Register for Saturday workshop at La Fontana

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