sábado, 14 de junio de 2014

Building reliable systems with Apache BookKeeper (19/6)

Hi devs!

We are proud to invite you to our next talk, next 19th, focused on Building reliable systems with Apache BookKeeper.

Dealing with failures is a major challenge in distributed systems, but also a requirement. In this presentation we'll look at how to take advantage of Apache BookKeeper to build reliable distributed systems. Apache BookKeeper is an open source project that provides an abstraction for reliable distributed logging. It was initiated by the authors of Apache ZooKeeper, and is used in production in several companies, including Yahoo, and yes, it is written in Java ;-)

In our talk, first, we'll discuss key challenges when building distributed systems, and how to overcome them. Next, we'll explore the design of Apache BookKeeper and it particular how it implements solutions to those challenges. And finally we'll look at how Apache BookKeeper can constitute a key piece of infrastructure for building reliable systems.

This time, the talk will be led by Matthieu Morel and Ivan Kelly. Both Ivan and Matthieu are R&D engineers at Yahoo working on distributed systems. Matthieu was a committer to Apache S4 and Objectweb/OW2 Proactive, and is a contributor to Apache BookKeeper and Ivan is a commiter to Apache BookKeeper.

Yes, we know, there's not too much time before one event or another, but you know, summer is summer and by other hand, we are sure that the topic is interesting enough for all of us ;-)

That's all folks, reserve your seat in MeetUp and see you next 19th in our usual place,  La Fontana

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  1. Will it be recorded and put online?

  2. Yes! We will try to record the season and share it later though our YouTube channel