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Resistance is Futile, Mocks Will Be Assimilated [Workshop] (25/04)

Hi community!

How were the holidays? We hope you have a nice time and enjoy it.

So, here we are, ready for our next event, this friday 25th and this time we will be focused in testing and mock objects and playing with some great tools about these topics driven by Alex Soto.

Let's think a little about testing. Everybody is mocking in unit test. To test what? Your code will be run within a Java EE container. Let's start writing fast real tests.

Are you confident enough to push your application to production without fear? Will it run correctly with all components? Keep the fail whale at bay? Confidence comes from writing real tests.
In this workshop we are going to see how some tools like Arquillian, Byteman, NoSQLUnit or Moco and other programs, may help us writing real tests in situations where you typically would use mocks.

Come to this workshop and learn how to write faster and more effectively tests!

Here is the script of the event:

- Some Theory
  • What are and what happens with mocks?
  • Are there alternatives?
  • Mocks, stubs and fakes
  • Explanation of typical scenarios where mocks are used: Business Layer, Data Layer, External Services Layer, UI Layer
- Engage!!!
  • Writing real tests in Business Layer with Arquillian
  • Writing real tests for External Services Layer.
  • Writing real tests for Ajax-Enabled UI applications under different browsers (including Mobile ones)
  • The Cloud
- Conclusions

These are the requirements for this workshop:
As we have mentioned, this workshop will be driven by Alex Soto. Alex is a software engineer specialized in enterprise technologies, test automation and continuous delivery based on the Java platform. He has over a decade of experience in the Java world, yet continually renews his skill set by learning new aptitudes and technologies every day. Moreover he is involved in the open source world in projects like NoSQLUnit, Asciidoctor or Arquillian. He is an international speaker, presenting his talks at software conferences like Devoxx, LinuxTag, Codemotion, Guatemala JavaDays, JavaLand or GeeCon.

That's all guys, just remember to reserve your seat at MeetUp and come this friday 25th at 7pm at our usual place, La FontanaAh! Do not worry about the language, this workshop won't be in english ;-)

See you this friday!

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