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Summary Apache Camel Conference & Workshop

Hi devs !!

On Friday January 24th, we had the pleasure to host an awesome conference and workshop about Apache Camel, leaded by one of the main committers for this Apache project and also the author of the book "Camel in Action"..... Mr Claus Ibsen.

After pointing about the origin of its name, Mr. Ibsen clarified the main concepts that defines Apache Camel: integration framework + enterprise integration patterns. This was the entry point to the book "Enterprise Integration Patterns. Designing, building,and deploying messaging solutions" written by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. Mr. Ibsen reviewed some of the patterns evaluated and described in this book to show where Apache Camel may apply, and as examples for the cases he explained as the conference went on.

Camel works using "routes"  joining endpoints, using transformes, choices, etc. Tons of components make Camel a tool to connect everywhere out-of-the-box.
It can use Java DSL using the Java language to define the routes, or Spring DSL defining routes in the XML, among others, and it can be embedded as a library in our application.
The Saturday morning in the workshop we used our prefered IDE to create a project with a route using a REST webservice as an endpoint, and we saw how easy was to create our application, developing only the core, the business logic and not the adapters and the protocols.

By the way, room was full in the two sessions ... it was awesome to see all that people listening to Claus.

Here we can see the video of the presentation : 

Claus Ibsen slides are available at Slideshare site

Do not hesitate to take a look at Claus Ibsen personal blog at http://www.davsclaus.com/2014/01/back-from-barcelona.html

Thanks for coming !!!!

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