domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

Introduction to Vaadin (6/2)

Talk in English

Hello community !

February is here so, here we are ! Our next event, next thursday 6th of february will focus on a great open source application framework: Vaadin.

For all of you who don't know anything about Vaadin, we can tell you that is an great framework built on top of open source technologies designed to build rich Internet applications. It uses a server-side architecture to build & deliver Javascript to the browser, so it means that all of your application logic runs on your servers. Of course, it uses Ajax requests to provide a rich and interactive user experience. Writing an application that lazily loads large amounts of data from the server, includes drag-and-drop, keyboard navigation and compelling visualizations would not require writing any HTML, JavaScript or resigning a REST API. While the server centric development model provides the best productivity, Vaadin also supports client-side development though the GWT based Java to JavaScript compiler as well as JavaScript. The default looks of the application can be customized with CSS and SASS.

This presentation will give you an overview to Vaadin and explain how it works. We'll also discuss on what are the latest new features of Vaadin and how the roadmap looks. The session should give you everything you need to get started building your own apps with the free Apache-licensed Vaadin. Furthermore, we explore the ways of combining the server- and client-side development models in the context of Vaadin Framework and GWT. The goal is to be able to use the best of the both models and provide a flexible basis for building high quality user interfaces for enterprise applications. 

We invite you to take a look at their website, it's really interesting the amount of features it has. Check out the sampler app they have in their website and you will see how beautiful and rich UI you can build as well as how easy is the code to understand and write. 

Dr. Joonas Lehtinen, founder and CEO of Vaadin ltd, the company behind the Vaddin framework, will come from Finland to explain which are the benefits of work with this web framework and why we must try it in comparison with others. Joonas has been developing applications for the web since 1995 with a strong focus on Ajax and Java and he is a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Nothing more to say guys, come to see what's inside this web framework and don't forget to RSVPed!

See you next thursday!

3 comentarios:

  1. Hi!

    I was yesterday attending the event, and i found it fantastic. A very good introduction to Vaadin. I think my next project at home will be using the framework. In fact, I would like to organize some workshops around Vaadin one of those days. More on that later.

    So thank you Joonas, Nacho and Jonathan for the event. I look forward for more!

    1. Hi Monseñor! ;-)
      Thank you for your feedback. We love to know that you will start to use this framework and try to organize some workshops around it. If you need some help or you would like to support you, do not hesitate to write us an email! ;-)
      Cheers and thank you again!

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