sábado, 23 de noviembre de 2013

Introduction to Graph Databases and Neo4j (28/11)

Hi community!

We continue non-stop and this week we have a new and interesting event. 

We announce a great event next Thursday 28 November at 7:00 pm at La Fontana about Introduction to Graph Databases and Neo4j given by Stefan Armbruster. By the way, stay tuned, this time the talk will be in english.

We are really proud to present this talk with people of Neo Technology, which are the creators of Neo4j and we thank them for their visit to our community.

This talk will demonstrate how graph databases fit within the NoSQL space, and where they are most appropriately used. In this session you will learn:

- Overview of NoSQL 
- Why graphs matter
- Overview of Neo4j
- After laying the groundwork we'll explore Neo4j in live demo mode. We'll install Neo4j, import a sample dataset and discover Cypher, a graph traversal language.
- There's plenty of time to discuss your questions.

This talk will be given by Stefan Armbruster. He has spent ~15 years as a freelance consultant, mainly focused on web applications (esp. Grails). He's been working with Neo4J for the past 3 years. Aside from coding in the java ecosystem he is a passionate Linux veteran since the kernel 1.0.x days. When not coding, he cycles and is a volunteer firefighter at the local fire department, acting as a team lead and instructor. He's a true geek and loves technology, good food, and red wine.

We hope you can join and enjoy this talk, it’s a great opportunity to know graph and NoSQL databases from the guys that have first-half information!  

See you!

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